School Uniform & House Uniform

School Uniform

Nur, Jr. Kg., Sr. Kg.Class III to Class XII
For Boys / Girls: Blue Shorts with belt & colorful lining T-ShirtFor Boys: Light Blue Shirt and Dark Blue Pant
For Girls: Light Blue Shirt and Dark Blue Pina form skirt.
• Winter uniform: Dark Blue Blazer.• Winter uniform: Dark Blue blazer.

• Blue socks with black leather shoes. (Compulsory for all)

House Uniform

We have referred the specific color to represent the house as these colors help students in their group identifying. These colors of particular groups describe the following. Human body is made up of five elements popularly known as ‘PANCH MAHA BHUTAS’ in Sanskrit These elements are only Omni present

Vayu (grey) denotes the movement (essentially muscular Just like vayu is spread everywhere) our achievements and reputation is also spread everywhere.

Agni (red) Controls the functioning of enzymes (intelligent, digestive system and metabolism) just like the glames of Agni rise to the heights with brightness, the students also rise to the heights with their intelligence.

Jal (blue) is in all body fluids (as plasma, saliva, digestive Juices) it is resoinsible for moisture balance. Jal is always calm and patient.

Dhara (green) manigests the soild structure of the body (Bones, Flesh, Hair) It forms the base of life. Our existence depends on the earth.