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About Us

PHOENIX PUBLIC SCHOOL was founded by “Hargovind Trust”. The Hargovind trust was incoropted on 18-09-1993. Its code No. is E-9613/A’ bad. The trust has established its strong foot in the field of education, It has not only established number of educational institutes in the various fields but also conducts social service activities like lending financial aid to handicapped children, Education, Economically backward students etc.

Phoenix Public School is a unique G.S.E.B. affiliated school which combines contemporary and conventional method of teaching in a flexible manner in accordance with the age and aptitude of the child. It is situated in the vicinity of Maninagar and has an access to railway station and bus station.

It is well – established school and its success is the result of high moral, dedication and strenuous efforts of the team of teachers under best leadership of the Principal fully backed by the Management and full co-operation of enlightened active Parents.

We ensure to make the child strong with personal qualities and interest for a happy prosperous life and responsible citizenship.

The school has commitment to diversity and encourages students from a wide geographical area.

School Managing Commitee

Committee Members

1Dhariniben A. Shukla
Bopal Ambli, Ahmedabad
2Rutviben J. Vyas
Sundervan Society, Ahmedabad
Joint Executive SecretaryEducationist
3Mrs. Jyoti M. Shukla
Satelite, Ahmedabad
Member SecretaryPrincipal
4Mrs.Rutvi J. vyas
Sundarvan Society
Member – TeacherTeacher
5Mrs. Ferina Baluwala
Sha-E-alam, Ahmedabad
Member – ParentBusiness
6Mrs. Sunita Arora
Maninagar, Ahmedabad
Member – ParentBusiness
7Mrs. B.G. Lad sir
Maninagar, Ahmedabad
Member-other School PrincipalPrincipal
8Rashmikant Joshi
Maninagar, Ahmedabad
Member-other School PrincipalPrincipal
9Daxesh K. Mehta
Navawadej, Ahmedabad
MemberSocial Worker
10Asitbhai Vora
Isanpur, Ahmedabad
MemberSocial Worker
11Bhagwatiben  Patel
Isanpur, Ahmedabad
MemberSocial Worker
12Mrs. Sapana Rai, Central English Medium School, Ramrajya Nagar, AhmedabadMember other C.B.S.E. SchoolPrincipal


“We believe that education is all about giving roots, and will provide our children the wings. Everyday, we strive to give our children the roots that will stand them in good stead, both in learning and attitudes, in skills and values.” The dawn of Phoenix Public School School in 2008 was the realization of a dream, a dream to build a school which would be world-class in every respect. A world-class school with an Indian mind, an Indian heart and an Indian soul, yet being competent at world level. The accent, all throughout, has been on enabling children to discover the world in enjoyable ways and make them good learners as well as good persons. We believe that children should be encouraged to aim high and guided to do their best in everything they do so they achieve full potential. We see academic excellence as an outcome of what we do every day at our school. While focusing on their areas of interest, every learning experience should help them explore new possibilities and new ways. The motto of our school is “Challenge to vision Learn to shine.” Children blossom when they are encouraged and challenged to think critically and creatively. It is when they grow being aware and appreciative of their own history, culture and traditions, while being willing to welcome alternative views of the world, that they expand their horizon and empower themselves to cope with and rise above every challenge. It is by infusing in them the spirit of enterprise, emotional resilience, moral uprightness, strenght of character and by facilitationg their physical well-being that an educational experience when they are given a robust foundation and a stimulating environments to develop as incisive thinkers, confident communicators, self-directed learners, as well as compassionate and caring persons. Parents aspire to provide the best of learning opportunities to their children : a firm foundation in knowledge and skills and enduring values. Parents are, therefore, integral to the realization of our goals and their overwhelming trust in what we do has always been a great inspiration. Nurturing the talent in every child, awakening and iluminating their intellect in many ways and helping them develop extensive interests, our dedicated team of teachers has played a pivotal role in enriching and enhancing children’s learning experiences in multi-dimensional ways. As our school continues to define new benchmarks and scale new heights to make a difference to the lives of our children, and through them, to make the world a better place for everyone, we look forward to building on this culture of excellence and personification of values. We welcome you to Phoenix Public School, to a world of learning in enjoyable ways, to a world where every child is guided and stimulated to grow to his or her full potential.  

Principal's Desk

Ajit K Joshi

( B.A., B.ED)


(Sec. & Higher Sec)

Phoenix Public School, Isanpur.

Vedant Educational Campus

Vande Mataram,

Coming Year 2014-15 is very auspicious and Important for all of us as, the Journey of “PHOENIX PUBLIC SCHOOL” has Completed the “Path of success decade” (9, June 2004 – 9, June 2014)

Nurturing a seed with love & care had given a fruitfulness and had now grown up in to a huge  

Rules And Regulation

If I am positive and do as requested,

I can expect praise.

If I am disruptive in any way,

I must accept the consequences.  

School Timings

ClassesMorning ShiftNoon Shift
Nursery8:00 to 10:4511:15 to 2:00
Jr. Kg.8:00 to 11:0011:15 to 2:00
Sr. Kg.8:00 to 11:00
I to X12:30 to 5:30
XI to XII7:00 to 12:10


School Uniform & House Uniform

School Uniform

Nur, Jr. Kg., Sr. Kg.Class III to Class XII
For Boys / Girls: Blue Shorts with belt & colorful lining T-ShirtFor Boys: Light Blue Shirt and Dark Blue Pant
For Girls: Light Blue Shirt and Dark Blue Pina form skirt.
• Winter uniform: Dark Blue Blazer.• Winter uniform: Dark Blue blazer.

• Blue socks with black leather shoes. (Compulsory for all)

House Uniform

We have referred the specific color to represent the house as these colors help students in their group identifying. These colors of particular groups describe the following. Human body is made up of five elements popularly known as ‘PANCH MAHA BHUTAS’ in Sanskrit These elements are only Omni present

Vayu (grey) denotes the movement (essentially muscular Just like vayu is spread everywhere) our achievements and reputation is also spread everywhere.

Agni (red) Controls the functioning of enzymes (intelligent, digestive system and metabolism) just like the glames of Agni rise to the heights with brightness, the students also rise to the heights with their intelligence.

Jal (blue) is in all body fluids (as plasma, saliva, digestive Juices) it is resoinsible for moisture balance. Jal is always calm and patient.

Dhara (green) manigests the soild structure of the body (Bones, Flesh, Hair) It forms the base of life. Our existence depends on the earth.